Our kitchen is very small and everything is made to order. Enjoy your moment and smile!!!!

Amoremio Antipasti

Caprese Salad - Buffalo mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, and basil$12.50
Carciofini all'Olietto - Grilled artichokes hearts topped with dry ricotta cheese$12.50
Burrata Passione - Creamy fresh mozzarella cheese served with Parma prosciutto and figs marmalade$13.50
Bruschetta - Toasted bread with garlic, with fresh chopped tomatoes, basil, and extra virgin olive oil$9.50
Carciofi Fritti al formaggio - Delicious deep-fried artichokes filled with mascarpone and goat cheese$12.50

Fiori di Zucchine - Crispy delicious fried zucchini blossom filled with mozzarella cheese


Calamari Fritti - Fried calamari served with spicy tomato sauce$11.50

Guazzetto Adriatico - Manila clams and mussels sautéed with garlic, white wine, red chili peppers, and oil


Amoremio Insalate

Semplice Ortolana - Mixed green salad, cherry tomatoes, onions, celery, cucumbers in Italian dressing$8.50
La Tropicale - Baby spinach, walnuts, fresh strawberries, and dried ricotta cheese with raspberry dressing$11.50
Giulio Cesare - Traditional Cesar Salad topped with shaved parmigian cheese$11.50
Soup of the Day - ask your server


Amoremio Paste

Spaghetti MammaMia - Diced Parma Prosciutto, fresh ricotta cheese, tomato sauce. Chef's favorite!

Spaghetti RomaMia - Meatballs & Italian Sausages with tomato sauce$16.50

Farfalle Vegetariano - Bowtie pasta with zucchini, peas, artichokes, kalamata olives, with fresh tomato sauce


Spaghetti al Ragu' - Homemade ground beef ragout sauce (bolognese). Our daughter's favorite!

Pennette Super 4 - Delicious four cheese pasta (gorgonzola, parmigiano, fontina, & provolone)$15.50

Pennette al Sor Alfredo - Chicken, mushrooms, and sundried tomatoes in a cream sauce


Pennette in Salamandra - Baked penne with mozzarella cheese, ground beef sauce (bolognese) topped with bechamel. Our son's favorite!


Pennette al Salmone - Smoked salmon with creamy tomato vodka sauce

Linguine Romano in Campagna - Artichoke hearts, zucchini, sundried tomatoes in a creamy pesto $15.50

Linguine alla Puttanesca Arrabiata - Kalamata olives, capers in a spicy tomato sauce


Rigatoni Bella Principessa - Parma prosciutto, crumbled sausages, artichokes hearts in garlic oil white wine sauce


Rigatoni AmoreTestaccio (house specialty) Slow cooked (3 hours!) short ribs with delicious tomato sauce (upon availability) 


Rigatoni Sapore Mediterraneo - Crumbled sausage, marinara sauce & oregano topped with dry ricotta cheese


Gnocchi alla Pausini - Potato dumpling in a rich bolognese sauce 


Gnocchi in Liguria Potato dumpling in a creamy pesto sauce, topped with pine nuts & basil


Tortellini Biancaneve Innamorata - Cheese filled tortellini with crumbled sausage, peas, and mushrooms in a creamy truffle light sauce


Ravioli - Choice of our Beef or Cheese Ravioli in a creamy tomato garlic sauce


Melanzana alla Parmigiana - Housemade eggplant parmigiana


Lasagna Casareccia - Traditional Beef Lasagna with mozzarella cheese, bechamel, and tomato sauce


Linguine Amore della Mia Vita Crab meat, capers, pine nuts, garlic, parsley in a tomato sauce. Topped with scampi. Sigrid's favorite!


Farfalle Aragosta Amore&Mare - Bow tie pasta with lobster meat, asparagus in a brandy creamy white sauce


Linguine alle Vongole - Fresh Manila clams with white wine sauce


Linguine ai Frutti di Mare - Shrimp, calamari, mussels, and clams with spicy tomato sauce (white wine sauce available)


Our Pastas portions are 8 ozs. Please ask your server if you wish to have a bigger size of pasta - $ 6 extra 

Add chicken to any Pasta $4.50
Add Shrimp to any Pasta $5.50
Side of Meatballs (5) or Sausage $7.00

Gluten-free pasta or "zucchini pasta" is available. $2.00 extra.
Please allow 15/20 minutes.

Amoremio Piatti

(served with roasted potatoes and swiss chard sauteed with fresh tomatoes)
Pasta substitution - $4.50

Pollo al Limone di Sicilia - Chicken breast sauteed with white wine, fresh lemon, and capers$21.50
Pollo alla Torinese - Chicken breast with mushrooms in a creamy gorgonzola cheese sauce$21.50
Salsicce e Pollo in Coppia - Chicken breast and Italian sausage cooked with tomato sauce, bell pepper, and red onions$23.50
Pesce Mio - Fresh fish of the dayMarket Price

Per I Bambini (Kid's Menu)

Spaghetti with meatballs$8.00
Penne with cream sauce and chicken$8.00


Homemade dessert by number 1

Bindi Milano Italy

Daily selection


  • Some items may not be available at all times
  • Please inform your server of food allergies
  • Please no separate checks.
  • Split charge $4.00 
  • 18% gratuity on parties of 6 or more
  • Party of 8 and more, family-style dinners only
  • First bread basket is complimentary. Extra basket $2.50.
  • Our Pasta portions are 8 oz. Please ask your server if you wish to have a bigger size of pasta - $ 6 extra 
  • Add chicken to any Pasta $4.50
  • Add Shrimp to any Pasta $5.50
  • Side of Meatballs (5) or Sausage $7.00
  • Gluten-free pasta or "zucchini pasta" is available. $2.00 extra. Please allow 15/20 minutes.

Catering, parties, and private events available!

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